THE DECADE SERIES - The Album Collection

The album series expands on the hugely popular Single volumes listed above and turns the attention to properly and definitely listing the correct placings of all the albums to chart on the UK Album Chart.

Some errors - such as albums being listed as Top 10's when they where not a Top 10 hit, and even a completely new weekly chart never published before - are all corrected in these volumes.

Listed together with Breakers, and, for the first time, a detailed record of those forgotten positions and charts compiled but never put in a book before, this definitive collection is truly unique.

The Decade Series - The Album Collection breaks the charts down into one book per decade, although the first book does cover 1956-1969 due to the size of the 1956-1959 charts. All the important information you always wanted to see for each charted record:-

  • All tracks from each charted record, in order, shown once beneath the initial entry.
  • Correct catalogue numbers
  • Correct Titles as per the cover - many chart books in the past have got these wrong.
  • Complete Breakers listings
  • Every Re-entry shown with entry date, peak and weeks

Together with the usual information such as entry date, label and catalogue number.

Breaking each book down into decades allows you to see just the acts that hit the chart in this decade. All the chart information right at your fingertips!

Volume 1 - 1956-1969 AVAILABLE NOW!

The albums - each and every one - that made the Record Mirror (1956-1958), Melody Maker (1958-1960) and Record Retailer (1960-1969) album charts.


For the first time the Breakers are tabulated as well as the Bargain / Budget LP charts from 1969 - never before listed anywhere!


Full track listing of each album is shown, with tracks in the order they appeared on the release.


This is the first time these have been listed in this format making this a unique collection.


PDF download - only £10.

This book has 474 pages and needs to be seen to be understood. Click the link to view a sample.

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